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Ross Town Cemetery
The Town Cemetery is situated on the Walford Road, approximately a mile from the town centre. It was opened in 1945 and is owned and managed by Ross-on-Wye Town Council. The first burial took place on 17th May 1945 of Allan Ayliffe and since that date there have been over 300 burials at the cemetery. Burials averaged at between three and six per year over the next 50 years but since 2000 have steadily increased until 2010 when we recorded 20 burials which included ashes' burials in a new area specially designated for cremated remains.

The Council's Sites Manager and grounds maintenance contractor looks after the cemetery. The records, which are now computerised, are maintained by the Town Clerk at the Corn Exchange.

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Purchasing a space |
Purchasing a space
Grave spaces can only be purchased for an immediate burial and not purchased in advance.
Spaces are available in three sections of the cemetery. In Section A headstones or curbs are allowed but in Section B, the lawned area, only headstones are allowed. In both section A and B double depth graves take up to two bodies. In Section C along the avenue, ashes plots are available. If an owner of a grave which is already full wishes to bury ashes in that grave this may also be possible. When a funeral director arranges a burial, you will be asked to sign a form confirming that you wish to purchase a space in the cemetery. It the duty of the owner to maintain the grave thereafter and he or she will also need to inform the Clerk of any change of address.
Deed of Right of Burial |
Deed of Right of Burial
When you have purchased a grave space you will receive a Deed granting you the right to be buried in that space or to put a memorial on that grave (subject to the current Memorial Regulations). Your Deed will expire after 50 years. If you wish to renew it after expiry, you can repurchase it at the current rate at that time.
Erecting a Memorial |
Erecting a Memorial
Current memorial regulations are displayed on the notice board in the cemetery or can be downloaded here. Applications can only be made by the owner of the Deed of Right of Burial and must be made through a BRAMM registered Stone Mason on the appropriate form.
Transferral of Burial Rights
Transferral of Burial Rights
When the owner of the Deed dies, he or she may be buried in the space. However, as the Deed becomes part of the estate, it must be transferred to whoever is legally entitled to inherit it before any further work can be done (e.g. inscription on a headstone). If the owner wishes to transfer the right of burial during his/her lifetime, this can be done by completing a Form of Assignment.